Arka Kapı Magazine Issue 7

Arka Kapı Magazine Issue 7 (English)

  • Cyber Security Conferences - Ayşenur Burak
  • Out-Of-Band Attacks - Ömer Çıtak
  • Leave No Trace Behind - Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) - Ziyahan Albeniz
  • Source Code Review For Python - Caner Özden
  • Stay Hidden On The Internet: The Onion Router - M. Enes Özen
  • Manage Your Passwords In One Place: Keepassxc Key To The Empire Passwords! - Arka Kapı
  • Balance Of Good And Bad In Cybersecurity - Utku Şen
  • Being Free In The Open World - Nuri Çilengir

Arka Kapı Magazine Issue 7
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Hello dear readers!

Welcome to the September-October‘19 issue of Arka Kapi Magazine. As we brought you the seventh issue, we have also left a year behind. I would like to thank each and every person that read, liked and helped share the news about our magazine. In late September or October 2019, we will organize a meetup in honour of the magazine’s very anniversary celebration in Istanbul and will welcome everyone with pizza! Keep up to date with our social media accounts - linked below - for current news and details of the meetup.

There is a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment put into this magazine, from the authors to the translators, from the social media directors to the graphic designer, and many more who work voluntarily solely in hopes of spreading information and meeting people with the cybersecurity world. The first step in a long road is actually the biggest: I would like to thank our former editorial operations manager and editor in chief, Ümran Yıldırımkaya and Ziyahan Albeniz, respectively - and the Chief Business Officer, Oğuz Aydınyılmaz and the publishing coordinator Şahin Solmaz for their help.

This issue, we discussed the good and the bad sides of cybersecurity, mentioned how to be more anonymous online (like the TAILS OS and TOR), and gave details of a terrific attack method - out-of-band attacks!

Thank you for walking with us on this journey. 

We would like to thank Netsparker Ltd. for sponsoring this issue!