Arka Kapı Magazine Issue 4

Arka Kapı Magazine Issue 4 (English)

  • Cyber Security Conferences – Ayşenur Burak
  • The Future Of Security And Reliability – Chris Stephenson
  • Cryptology Front Of World War Ii The Enigma Encryption Machine – Bayram Gök
  • Secret Sharing Systems – Ceren İnce
  • Database Attacks And Protection Methods – Ömer Faruk Colakoğlu
  • Malware Programming And Lockdown Virus – Bener Kaya
  • Network Programming With Scapy – Güray Yıldırım
  • Siber Yildiz 2019 Writeup – Esra Nur Soylu
  • A Security Guide For Your Android Device – Arka Kapı
  • Signal Intelligence Signal Listening And Analysis Methods – Murat Şişman

Arka Kapı Magazine Issue 4
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I would like to start by thanking all of you, dear readers for your support and love for our magazine, and the staff who work non-stop to bring this magazine to light. Behind the scenes, there is a lot going on to deliver what we believe is beneficial to the world. Even if there is one person who could see the beauty in the cybersecurity and informatics world through this magazine, we could not be any happier!

On March 8, we will be celebrating International Women’s Day. Yet, the origin of the date makes us appreciate what we have today and commemorate what
some women did to make us live this way. The origin of the day is March 8, 1857, where some garment workers in New York City protested against the working conditions and low wages. The protests continued, i.e., on March 8, 1908, women marched again in New York City for voting rights, ending child labor and better wages.

As of this significant date, we would like to remind you of some women who rewrote history and without whom the tech world - simply the world itself- would never have been the way it is now. The long list starts with Ada Lovelace and continues with Hedy Lamarr, Grace Hopper, and Top Secret Rosies, and so on...

In the last issue’s Editor’s Note, we talked a bit about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - UDHR. Supporting, respecting and maintaining women rights means respecting the humankind and our future: ourselves, as the UDHR applies to everyone and each and every woman has rights as any other person on this planet does. The value of a person does not depend on their gender, religion, language, skin color, age, etc., but only on the things they do.

As of this issue, you can find interesting articles on encryption, database attacks, viruses, network programming and much more! To learn is to protect yourself. Read so you can learn, learn so you can protect yourself. Special thanks to Netsparker Ltd. for sponsoring this issue!