Arka Kapı Magazine Issue 1

Arka Kapı Magazine Issue 1 (English)

  • Set up your VPN with My Connection
  • Introduction to Cryptology
  • Chain of Independence: Blockchain
  • Revolutionary Blockchain Technology: Is it safe?
  • Thoughts on Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerabilities of Bluetooth: Past and Future
  • Why you shouldn’t store sensitive data in javascript files
  • The art of Data Hiding: STEGANOGRAPHY
  • Acting on the Sly: Overcome Obstacles with DNS Tunnelling
  • Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law: User Agreements
  • The King’s Naked: Constraints of Blockchain
  • Signal Intelligence: Methods of Signal Listening and Analysis
  • How to be a shareholder of Google: Double your income with Google Adsense
  • Anonymizing Internet from the Router with OpenWrt and TOR

Arka Kapı Magazine Issue 1
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Arka Kapı is a hackers’ magazine that began its journey in Turkey. ‘Arka Kapı’ stands for back door.

We’re publishing our fourth issue in Turkey as we introduce the first English issue to you.

The internet today hosts the core components of personal freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of trade, and freedom of self-advocacy. That is, as long as you are aware of it and protect it.

An average internet user can make use of this freedom through various free tools on the internet. There are multiple running headlines to protect this issue.

A united stand against mass surveillance and censorship, guarding the global net neutrality.

In Turkey, we became a hacker magazine which passed on tools and techniques to the readers but we also stood for the benefits of the information revolution that strengthened human rights.

We’re hoping to do the same and more in our global issues. As an independent magazine, we need your support to reach our goals!


The spotlight for our first issue is “Anonymity.” The mass surveillance we’re going through seems very much like a chapter from the Orwellian dystopia except here everything we do is watched through our smartphones and wearable technology.

Most of you might think that you’ve got nothing to hide. However, protecting our privacy from Big Brother has a larger scope than the individual scale, as we saw in the very recent event that struck millions through Cambridge Analytica.

The only antidote against this mass surveillance is the correct and conscious implication of anonymity.

As Snowden says, ‘Let’s take back the internet!’

Special thanks to Netsparker Ltd. for bringing our first issue alive